A Weekend In Byron Bay

Why Byron?

Birthdays are such a great excuse to get out of town even if it is for a long weekend. For Alan’s last year in his 30’s, I thought I’d get him out further than the central coast, and we headed to beautiful Byron Bay. For the non-aussies, Byron Bay is the original hippie town that oozes cool vibes from the small streets to the crashing waves. Everyone’s special weddings are in Byron, and rightly so. It feels as if San Francisco and Venice Beach had a village-sized baby and threw it on across the ocean. If you’re doing a whirlwind tour of Australia, this place is definitely worth a few nights stay to unwind and have a relaxing time.

Flying out Friday morning we sauntered down the steps of our little airplane as if we were back in the 50’s and travel were still luxurious. Everyone coming off is on the same page; we’re here to relax and have fun. The change in weather after an hour of flying seems almost unreal, and we soaked in the warmth after all the grey skies and cold winter winds in Sydney. Our first stop of off to the AirBnB.

A Tropical Luxe Getaway

How cute is this little place? It was the perfect spot for a quiet getaway, and we loved every bit of it. We tend to stay in AirBnB’s just for the freedom of having our “own place” and the inherent sustainability that comes out of it. We had cross ventilation to keep us cool, we reused the bedsheets, our towels sun dried on the line, and the soaps weren’t single-use items, so far less plastic waste than traditional hotels.

When choosing a place to stay we factor in several things including distance from city centre. Not only does it allow you to walk home after hitting the bars, it’s also clearly the greener option over driving a car around.

This AirBnB in particular was wonderful because it was less than a 10 minute walk to Tallow Beach and about a 15 minute walk into town. Our host, Tina, was lovely and was great at communication. You can find her place here!

Whale Hello There!

One our favourite activities to do on vacation is go diving. We went with Byron Bay Dive Centre to dive around Julian Rocks Marine Reserve and it was incredible! Diving is such a great way to get away from the noise and troubles of the world. It allows you to connect with nature in a way that trumps all aquarium visits. We were lucky that dive and amongst the turtles, rays, fish and sharks, we heard humpback whales! On our way back to shore we saw a mother and calf breaching and ended up getting a 2-in-one trip out on the water.

Eat Local

Not only is it fun to see the local culture, eating out and restaurants instead of getting takeout or delivery is a great way to reduce wasteful packaging. We also try to find restaurants that’ inherently believe in sustainability. We took a mini trip up to Brunswick Heads to Fleet and had an incredible night! Their food is locally sourced and everything is made and planned with intention.

The restaurant itself seats only 14, so the atmosphere is intimate and you’re always taken care of without feeling bombarded. They keep the transparency of your food by keeping the view to the kitchen and prep nice and open, and you see Chef Josh Lewis’ passion taking shape in the form of a beautiful dish. Olivia & Rob introduced themselves before taking us on our food journey. It was such an incredibly wonderful experience, and I highly recommend the trip up just for their hospitality alone.

I believe that supporting these kinds of restaurants can only help spread the word and make responsible food a normality. There are so many restaurants and businesses making great efforts to change the way they affect the world, and I find it beautiful.

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